The Marketing Guide

GRT’s brand should be synonymous with providing trusted solutions. Everything presented, from our logo, to presentations and signage, has a unified and distinct feel that conveys our commitment to excellence. This guide catalogs our branding standards.

Internal Branding

We have the opportunity to convey our commitment to excellence by making sure anything in-house associated with the GRT brand meets our standards. All formal documents (including letter head) must be in the updated version. If you have a saved version on your computer, please verify it is correct before sending.

When creating items that fall into the following categories, please work with Marketing to ensure we protect our brand. This includes:

  • Signage 
  • PowerPoint Presentations (and templates!)
  • Information/Announcement boards
  • Base Documents
  • Printed Internal Communication to Employees 
Any document with an old logo should be updated.

Apparel, Gear & Promotional Items

Apparel– We use brand colors (black, grey, white and red) to compliment our logo. Avoid using non-brand colors such as green, blue, orange, purple, etc. Depending on the shirt color, the logo colors may need to change. Please see Marketing for help.

Gear– GRT brands its field gear, such as safety vests, hard hats, and jackets, which can be ordered for you.

Promotional Items– Any new item must be approved by Marketing before being purchased. This is to protect the integrity of our brand and prevent unauthorized items from reaching our customers.


Custom presentations can be developed for individual product lines, specific solutions, etc. Our two standard templates for internal presentations include one slide for title pages, and one slide for content. The title slide should not be used for content. The GRT official font is Tahoma, and should be used in all presentations. The font Rockwell may be used for titles.

If an alternative slide format is needed for any reason, please work with Marketing before publishing.

We can also assist with document creation, fillable forms and brochures.

Marketing’s goal is to Ensure Excellence with our brand. If in doubt, ask because we are here to help!

Being Picky? Ensuring Excellence!